Thursday, February 3, 2011

VISHWA SAMVAD KENDRA : Samvadat Souhardam, 'Amity through Interaction'

Vishva Samvad Kendra, Established in 1992, is a well known National Network. Vishva Samvad Kendra is known for providing news of National interest and importance to Media in many forms, thus working in the awakening of National Interest through out India. Jalandhar being a media Hub of Northern India, Vishva Samvad Kendra is working actively in support of Media and National Interest.


its motto: Samvadat Souhardam, 'Amity through Interaction'. The mighty national resurgence through which the country is currently passing makes it necessary that the functioning of a media centre must needs go beyond a mere spreading of information. For, as Swami Vivekanand observed, information running riot in the brain is not knowledge.

So the aim of Vishwa Samvad Kendra is not to remain just a clearing house of information but to function as a source of knowledge. For knowledge leads to understanding, and understanding leads to fellow - feeling, which is the very foundation of a cohesive society, of an integrated nation